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Listen to your company's voices

Qomprendo helps your company understand and solve staff problems, increasing their engagement and decreasing turnover.

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Engage the company and retain your talents

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Achieve your goals by putting the well-being of your collaborators first. Create a sustainable, healthy, and inclusive work environment through active listening and concrete actions to reduce stress and prevent psycho-emotional difficulties.

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Involve every employee by building a sense of belonging and strengthening the company community. Provide communication and participation tools, solutions to create autonomy, and resources to develop potential.

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Reduce the costs of turnover, waste of resources, and loss of talent and know-how in your organization. Identify risk areas in real time and prevent issues by implementing strategies based on accurate data and validated predictive analysis.

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Empower your future with data

Qomprendo's artificial intelligence predicts the risk of resignations and detects stress, then, thanks to an intuitive Dashboard, offers you a clear view of trends, moods, and critical areas in your organization.

Generate impact by engaging your employees

Strengthen the relationship between the company and employees by offering tangible benefits and innovative tools like Qomprendo's virtual coach, which improve communication, problem-solving, and personal gratification

Listen and improve, every day

Use continuous feedback to promptly understand the needs of your collaborators and implement continuous improvement processes based on dynamic and reliable information

Promote social and environmental responsibility

Use gamification and Qomprendo's challenges to incentivize active participation, strengthen collaboration, increase involvement, and promote social and environmental responsibility.


The simplest channel for
corporate whistleblowing

Qomprendo's whistleblowing platform is the solution designed for managing reports in your company.

A tool specifically designed to be simple, clear, and intuitive for everyone.

It enables anonymous and secure communication, avoids penalties, anticipates threats, and strengthens trust and transparency within your organization, thanks to Ummy's portal.

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