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Sustainability and gamification for engagement

Qomprendo uses playful strategies to increase involvement and designs monthly challenges that reward your company with sustainable prizes.

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Increase employee engagement

Value your collaborators' involvement; with Qomprendo, you transform every feedback into a gratification and every interaction into recognition.

Build a 'well-being oasis

Every action in the app generates points for users that fuel the growth of Treemmy, Qomprendo's digital tree, and form a virtual forest, offering a visible representation of progress for your employees.

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Challenges for sustainability

With Qomprendo's monthly challenges, you promote social and environmental responsibility and obtain 'green' prizes that improve your sustainability balance and enhance reputation and appeal towards all stakeholders.

Engagement leaderboards

The company leaderboard encourages regular use of the app by involving the user, provides insights on collaborators' proactivity, fuels active participation, and strengthens the sense of community within your organization.

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