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A certified incubator and accelerator of innovative startups and scaleups, founded in 2003 and listed on the stock exchange. The company, headquartered in Milan, is dedicated to the support and development of innovative businesses that offer high-tech content and services.


The Italian Institute for Positive Organizations (IIPO) is the reference center in Italy for the Science of Happiness and Positive Organizations. Founded to promote the well-being and evolution of individuals and organizations, the Institute provides an ecosystem where knowledge and visions merge, aiming for a fundamental cultural shift.


AWorld is an Italian startup that closely collaborates with the United Nations to promote sustainable actions and raise awareness among people about climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. With an approach focused on innovation and education, AWorld is actively engaged in the fight against global environmental challenges.

E-made was established back in 2007 with the idea of supporting people and organisations to become aware of their own uniqueness and help them in the delicate journey of change that this awareness triggers.


Myndoor is an artificial intelligence-based platform designed to accurately detect stress levels and provide detailed analysis on psychological risks.

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