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Understand your company's needs

A comprehensive platform for engagement, wellbeing, and retention that provides you with the tools to intuitively grasp what motivates and concerns your team effortlessly. We offer you a complete and timely overview to support your people management strategies and enhance talent.

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The best way to have the situation under control

Qomprendo processes and transforms feedback and acquired information into immediate analysis and detailed reporting, providing insights and predicting risks for your organization.

Turnover prediction

Qomprendo's artificial intelligence, Perceptia, forecasts resignations in real time and detects stress levels before they manifest, then sends immediate alerts as soon as it identifies risks or anomalies in your organization.

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Listen closely, grasp your collaborators' needs

Qomprendo processes data providing precise analyses on trends, moods, and critical areas for employees; through an intuitive dashboard, you can view, compare, and filter information, always acting in an informed manner

Every piece of information without any effort

Weekly reports offer an overview of key indicators without accessing the dashboard, transforming data into clear information. The insights facilitate understanding and strategic management of human resources.

Evaluate efficacy

Qomprendo allows you to record every initiative towards your employees in real time on the dashboard, offering detailed analysis through intuitive graphs, and enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions undertaken

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