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Technology serving humanity

Qomprendo's app is designed to learn about each user and provide personalized support based on individual needs, actively contributing to improving everyone's work experience.

Understand the past to improve the future

Analyze business trends and dynamics, implement effective solutions, and give your team the tools to solve critical issues and foster their growth in the company.

Listening, learning and solving

Harmonia is Qomprendo's AI, designed in collaboration with psychologists and therapists, that learns to know your employees and supports them by offering solutions to daily problems and enhancing the sense of belonging

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A dedicated area for every employee

In the user area, employees find personalized resources to improve their corporate experience, promoting empowerment, autonomy, and intensifying communication and engagement with your company.

Customized reports

Qomprendo's reports provide users with a clear view of their well-being, simplify the understanding of the work condition, highlight areas for growth, and increase your employees' engagement

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