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Qomprendo: Your ally at work

Enhance your voice, improve your work experience, transform the business climate and solve your daily challenges.

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Platform in depth

Your feedbacks matters!

Express your experience in seconds, voice your needs at work and actively contribute to improving your life at work. 
A private and, if you wish, anonymous space that allows you to communicate whenever you want what works and what you would like to improve about your day at work.
A simple, quick and fun way to value your well-being and transform your environment into the ideal place to work. Start now to make your voice heard.

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Trusted and loved by users

Raffaella D.

"Thanks to Qomprendo, I received immediate support when I needed it; it's a bit like having a colleague who is always interested in me"

Noemi T.

"It allows me to monitor the teams in the company daily, identify problems, and act promptly"

Marco E.

"I use it for myself, like a diary, so I can always keep track of how I am doing at work and what I can improve."

Lot of benefits for you

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Forget lengthy questionnaires, surveys and open-ended questions, thanks to Qomprendo and its technology, you can express your feedback in seconds.
Every function is designed to be simple and at the same time give maximum value; converse with Harmonia through a chat, visualise your experience in one place, express yourself in an instant.

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Qomprendo gives you total control over your feedback: you can decide whether to make it visible to the company or completely anonymous. If you choose anonymous feedback, nobody can trace it back to you, but the usefulness of the information remains unchanged. Your personal area and Harmonia, the virtual consultant, are also reserved spaces, allowing you to express yourself in total freedom and security.

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Real Benefits

Qomprendo is a platform created for workers, a tool that values your needs, your requirements and your desire for growth and improvement.
It supports you with a personal coach, writes to you if it encounters a difficulty, allows you to evaluate your experience at work and lets you relax thanks to the platform's gamification logic.

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