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Our goal is to make work sustainable

Qomprendo works with companies to turn the work environment into something special that employees enjoy, love and suggest to others.

Our mission

Qomprendo transforms the world of work by putting people first. We use technological innovation and a sustainability-oriented vision to build inclusive and resilient professional environments that enhance engagement, develop and retain talent, and increase well-being within the company.

Our Leadership

Alessandro Poffa
(Chief Technology Officer)

Alessandro is the technology wizard at Qomprendo, having a deep background in cloud architectures and serverless development.

Fun Fact: He deeply loves chess, but claims it doesn't love him back.

Lorenzo Imperatrice
(Chief Executive Officer)

Lorenzo is the driving force behind Qomprendo, thanks to his vast experience made over the years in developing innovative products and his geeky soul.

Fun Fact: He has a rabbit and has chosen to name it Pir

Michel Consoli
(Chief Sales Officer)

Michel is the commercial soul of Qomprendo, with a strong background in a long career spanning entrepreneurship, recruiting, and training.

Fun Fact: Michel is still thinking about the fun fact that will make you laugh.

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