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A safe space for employees

A platform designed for your collaborators, a virtual place where they can communicate their daily mood and needs in complete safety

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Keep It Daily and Simple (KIDS)

Say goodbye to lengthy questionnaires and endless data analysis processes. With Qomprendo, you can understand the company climate and the real needs of your collaborators in a simple and real-time way. It only takes a few moments to gather feedback and receive detailed and easy-to-understand insights and reports.

Continuous is better

With daily feedback, you obtain an accurate representation of your collaborators' experience, eliminate retrospective biases, analyze transformations and trends over time, increase the response rate, and react promptly to issues.

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Discover what to improve

Thanks to Qomprendo's icons, the app allows users to indicate which aspects influence the corporate climate and work well-being, helping you to guide strategies based on definite data provided by your collaborators.


With Qomprendo, every user chooses whether to provide anonymous or signed feedback, to protect the privacy of your collaborators, improve communication, and receive sincere opinions, addressing the real needs of your company.

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