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Case Study: Qomprendo for AWorld

The Context

AWorld, a leading company in the sustainability sector, faced rapid growth and corporate transformation that brought unique challenges. With an expanding team distributed across multiple locations and a hybrid work environment, AWorld recognized the need for an innovative approach to human resource management.

This is where Qomprendo came into play, offering an innovative solution to enhance employee engagement, monitor well-being, and provide an in-depth understanding of their needs.

The Journey Towards Transformation

AWorld's culture has always centered around values such as positive impact, sustainability, and social responsibility. The company wanted to preserve these core principles despite the challenges presented by rapid growth. Qomprendo was the perfect answer, offering a revolutionary platform that gives employees a voice and provides detailed analytics and accurate predictions on workforce risks.


AWorld and Qomprendo launched a targeted communication campaign to introduce the solution to the team, emphasizing its innovative features and expected benefits, working together to build trust and facilitate conscious adoption of the platform.

An Engagement and Analytics Tool

Qomprendo's methodology, based on continuous feedback, allowed AWorld to actively engage employees and continuously analyze the environmental, relational, and psychological factors that influence the company climate. Privacy and anonymity were key aspects that ensured employees felt free to express themselves without concern.

Qomprendo's intuitive dashboard provided AWorld's HR team with a real-time overview of mood and engagement, allowing them to monitor the effectiveness of interventions and adapt strategies according to emerging needs.

Gamification: An Inclusive and Engaging Approach

One of the strengths of Qomprendo's gamification was its ability to engage all employees, regardless of their role or position within the company. Through a transparent and meritocratic scoring and badging system, every team member had the opportunity to contribute and be recognized for their efforts.

This inclusive approach promoted a sense of belonging and encouraged active participation from every employee. Whether an IT team member, an editor, or a manager, everyone had the chance to join the collective efforts and be celebrated for their contribution.

Qomprendo's gamification also facilitated the creation of a more collaborative and united work environment. Human challenges require employees to work together to achieve shared goals, strengthening bonds between team members and promoting a culture of mutual support.

Tangible Impact

The introduction of Qomprendo had a tangible and measurable impact on AWorld. In just four months, the average employee mood saw a significant 20% increase. Over 2,000 feedbacks were collected, offering a detailed view of workers' perceptions and experiences.

These data allowed the HR team to identify areas for improvement and take targeted actions. The result was a more satisfying work environment, with increased productivity, creativity, and collaboration within teams.

Measurable Cost Savings

One of Qomprendo's most revolutionary aspects was its ability to proactively identify and alert stressful situations and potential resignation risks. Over a 10-month period, Qomprendo generated 15 alerts, 12 of which proved to be real and 3 critical.

Thanks to these timely warnings, AWorld's HR team was able to take appropriate measures, such as personalized support for the affected employees or adjustments to their working conditions. This intervention prevented significant resignations, representing a savings of approximately €150,000 for the company. The methodology used to calculate these savings is described in the article on Perceptia

Appreciation and Continuous Improvement

The user-friendly interface and the ability to anonymously express emotional well-being earned the trust of AWorld's employees. The managers found value in accessing concrete data, which guided more informed decisions regarding team well-being.

The collected feedback fueled a cycle of continuous improvement, positively influencing human resource management and the overall company culture.

A Cultural and Operational Transformation

The introduction of Qomprendo marked a significant cultural and operational transformation for AWorld. The platform changed the way the company manages employee well-being and engagement, shifting from a reactive to a proactive and strategic model. This approach enhanced the company culture, embracing AWorld's core values of social responsibility.

A Central Pillar of the Impact Report

Additionally, Qomprendo became a central pillar in AWorld's Impact Report. The rich data collected through the platform provided valuable insights into the social aspects of AWorld's operations, allowing the company to comprehensively report on employee well-being, engagement, and workplace culture metrics. This enhanced transparency and accountability aligned perfectly with AWorld's commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Conclusion: A People-Oriented Future

AWorld's experience with Qomprendo underscores the importance of technological innovation combined with a people-centric approach. This balance is crucial for a future workplace where business growth is accompanied by employee well-being and satisfaction.

Qomprendo proved to be an essential tool for AWorld, allowing the company to address the challenges of growth while maintaining a positive and engaging work environment. With the continued adoption of innovative solutions like Qomprendo, AWorld is ready to lead toward a more humane and sustainable corporate future.

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