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Qomprendo Introduces Perceptia: The AI That Cuts Down Employee Turnover

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Qomprendo unveils an innovative artificial intelligence model capable of predicting real-time resignations, intercepting high-stress situations, and drastically reducing company turnover rates. Perceptia is the first tool on the market able to translate corporate well-being into measurable economic savings.

Current Work World Conditions

In today's work landscape, companies face an increasing challenge: employee turnover. Workers' priorities have profoundly changed in the post-pandemic era, shifting focus from salary to more qualitative aspects. Today, employees prefer organizations that reflect their ethical values, pay attention to their needs, and actively promote workforce well-being. In this evolved scenario, companies must adopt strategies focused on worker well-being to retain talent, thus preserving knowledge, and values, and reducing turnover-related costs. In this light, discovering problems and monitoring implemented solutions become key. Qomprendo sets itself apart with its strategic ability to continuously and detailedly gather information. Thanks to this vast amount of data, through an artificial intelligence model called Perceptia, the platform can predict the risk of resignations or high stress levels in individual resources or entire work teams in real-time.

How It Works

Perceptia examines feedback provided by users over time, integrates it with static data collected in the initial phase, and correlates it with the specific time of the year. By doing so, it can assess whether a user is in a condition of stress that requires intervention. This analysis is performed daily, allowing companies to promptly intervene before critical situations worsen.

HR or managers receive immediate email notifications when alarm situations emerge, accompanied by detailed information on the circumstances that triggered the alert. This data can be further examined on a dedicated dashboard, where it is possible to access all the details that triggered the alert, analyze them individually, and formulate a data-driven, targeted action plan.

After assessing the situation, the manager has the option to confirm or deny the validity of the alert directly on the platform. This feedback contributes to the system's continuous learning and improvement, making Perceptia increasingly precise and reliable over time.

Alerts for Teams, Not Just Individuals

Perceptia is capable of generating multi-level alerts. In high-tension situations, as can occur in any work team near deadlines or key objectives, the AI model promptly detects pressure and stress, sending targeted alerts for at-risk teams. These notifications identify the conditions that generated the alarm and which intervention areas are most relevant to mitigate the critical condition.

Anonymous Feedback? The Outcome is Nearly The Same

Privacy protection is a fundamental pillar for Qomprendo, which allows employees to opt for either named or anonymous feedback, ensuring absolute confidentiality of the latter.

One of the features that distinguish Qomprendo is its effectiveness with anonymous evaluations. The company population is thus divided into specific sub-teams, organized according to criteria defined by the company itself, such as position, function, work location, or other key parameters, precisely meeting the needs of each company.

This segmentation allows platform administrators to receive targeted alerts when a potential risk or stress situation is identified for a member of a specific work group. This system ensures user anonymity while allowing the company to focus its corrective actions on that specific team. The alerts also provide details on identified stress factors, highlighting dysfunctional areas or processes, to effectively address and resolve issues without compromising employee privacy.

Thanks to Qomprendo, companies are thus able to intervene precisely in critical situations, based on detailed and team-specific information, improving organizational well-being while maintaining employee trust.

The Real Revolution: Measurability

As highlighted, Perceptia enables managers and HR to validate the accuracy of received alerts, confirming their truthfulness. This retrospective verification ability allows for quantifying the economic savings generated by Perceptia at the end of each year of platform use.

The procedure for defining the previously mentioned value is thus obtained by multiplying the number of confirmed alerts, related to employees who have been effectively retained, by the average cost associated with turnover, obtaining a precise estimate of the financial benefit.

This method makes Perceptia the first tool on the market capable of quantifying the value of corporate well-being in terms of economic savings.

Benefits from Every Perspective

With a single artificial intelligence model, Qomprendo is capable of generating benefits for all involved parties:

  • For employees: Perceptia acts as a catalyst for the proactive identification of individual well-being, offering timely support that can transform a person's professional trajectory. Its ability to detect and act in critical moments ensures that no signal is overlooked, guaranteeing a work environment that is attentive and predisposed to support.

  • For managers and HR: the benefits are clear and numerous. Hours of individual meetings made more efficient, more effective and targeted personnel management, precise and informed interventions on employees, more satisfied teams, engaged and motivated workers, time savings, and an overall improvement in well-being.

  • For the company: the use of Perceptia translates into tangible and measurable economic savings, valuing the importance of financial sustainability. The platform allows companies to maximize the efficiency of financial resources, resulting in many cases not just as a self-sustaining investment but especially as a tool capable of generating profit.

In Conclusion

Qomprendo with Perceptia has inaugurated a new era in the field of human resources management, bringing artificial intelligence to the service of organizational well-being in an innovative and measurable way. The platform sets itself as a reference model for a future of work where technology and humanity converge to create a sustainable and future-proof work environment.

Finally, Qomprendo demonstrates how attention to worker well-being is directly connected to a company's economic sustainability.

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