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Qomprendo introduces Harmonia: the first interactive wellbeing coach for employees

The world of work welcomes a first-of-its-kind: it is called Harmonia and it is an interactive wellbeing coach that supports employees during their work journey.

Some context

During our professional journey, how many of us have faced complex situations or challenges, feeling a deep need for advice or, at the very least, an opportunity to share our thoughts with someone? Finding the right person to talk to, however, often proves to be a difficult task. On the one hand, we hesitate to share thoughts with colleagues or managers for fear of overexposing ourselves; on the other hand, turning to outsiders, such as friends or family members, can be ineffective because they often lack the necessary context to fully understand the professional dynamics we are experiencing. But not only that, we also often experience small successes during our days, and feel only half-satisfied, simply because we have failed to celebrate them in the right way.

It is to meet these needs and many others that Qomprendo has developed Harmonia: a faithful companion that stands by our side throughout our employee experience.

How does it work?

Harmonia is a generative AI with a personality defined and enriched through collaboration with experts in psychology and coaching, which can analyze and understand the user's feedback, interact with them, and support them in everyday decisions. 

The communication interface with Harmonia is intuitive and accessible: a simple chat, a digital environment familiar to anyone. This interaction tool, while technologically advanced, maintains an ease of use that makes it immediately suitable for all types of users, preserving the nature of the conversation. In this way, Harmonia lowers the barriers between technology and people, making its interaction extremely natural and intuitive.

The Personality

The best way to find out Harmonia's personality is to ask her directly, and of course we did:

My name is Harmonia, and I am your wellbeing coach dedicated to supporting your wellbeing at work. Think of me as a friendly and approachable guide who's here to listen and offer personalized advice and encouragement to help you navigate through the daily work life challenges.

Harmonia self presentation

Harmonia is a coach, not a therapist

This main distinction lies in the methodology adopted and the goals pursued. Harmonia is designed to offer practical and applicable advice, focusing on the development and refinement of specific skills within the work environment.

With a focus on the development of soft skills, Harmonia guides each user on a self-improvement journey, aiming to enhance those soft skills critical to feeling good and successful.

Harmonia takes a moderating role in the employee's professional dynamics by suggesting clear and defined strategies and stimulating thinking through focused and profound questions.

Harmonia as a coach, not a therapist

Informed advice

The true essence of Harmonia lies in its unique ability to offer deeply personalized advice, a distinctive trait that sets it above traditional solutions. This added value manifests itself through the unique ability to harmonize static information - the predefined information provided during configuration - with the dynamic, ever-changing information gathered through direct user interactions and feedback.

This synergy between the data allows Harmonia to weave an expanded understanding of each employee's work and personal context, ensuring that each suggestion is not only pertinent but also quite relevant to the individual's specific needs and circumstances.

Personalised advice for all users

Privacy: information is safe

With Harmonia, every employee can openly share thoughts, doubts, problems, and successes, even the most intimate ones he or she would hesitate to reveal to colleagues. This dimension of absolute confidentiality transforms chat with Harmonia into a truly safe space, a confidential corner of professional existence where one can express oneself without filters, free from judgment and consequences. Under no circumstances, the information contained within the chat is shared with other professional figures within the company.

The integrity of this personal space is guaranteed by a robust IT architecture, carefully designed to ensure that all information remains confidential. Qomprendo is committed to protecting its users' data with the utmost care, preventing loss, unauthorized access, or any form of data leak.

In conclusion

The introduction of Harmonia represents a significant step forward in supporting employee well-being. Harmonia is a key resource for personal and professional growth with a listening approach, practical advice, and a strong emphasis on privacy. This innovation not only addresses the immediate needs of workers but also sets a new standard in workplace wellness support, highlighting the potential of new technologies in improving the quality of work life.

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